About Aastha

Aastha (sounds like pasta) Lal is poet, speaker, and comedian based in Los Angeles, California. She’s the founder of Goodness & Giggles, a speaking service that combines poetry and inspiration.

 With a little goodness and a few giggles, her poetry shows aim to both enthuse and empower her audiences to overcome personal obstacles whilst discussing discuss the topics of love, wellness, spirituality, anxiety, hope, and overall, this nutty little thing called life.



Nina Duong
University of California, Los Angeles

Aastha’s poetry show was a rollercoaster of so many beautiful emotions. Some parts brought a tear to my eye, while other parts left me laughing hysterically. Great concept, great show!

Lillian Hammah
Director of Marketing

Not only was this show introspective and humorous, it was very deep and made me pause and truly reflect on my life. Aastha’s confidence and optimism is contagious!

Christian Diaz
University of Southern California

Perfect blend of poetry, laughter, and inspiration. Amazing show.

Lisa Byers
London School of Economics

I’ve seen Aastha perform three times and every time, I am left inspired. Her approach, her wit, and her honesty are what compel me to keep coming back.


Dr. Christine Cho

Aastha’s presentation of the principles of mindfulness and detachment was simple, entertaining and powerful.

Thomas Cheng
Canadian Armed Forces
Combat Engineer

It’s important to spend more time with ourselves, reevaluate our lives and question our routine thinking patterns. There needs to be more Goodness & Giggles in the world.




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Poetry shows available for schools, organizations, corporations, and events. Let us know the date of your event!