Are you an employer looking to motivate your staff, or an educator looking to boost student morale? Look no further for you've just found the answer to unlocking the potential of your staff and students!

Meet Goodness & Giggles, the beautiful love-child of Motivational Speaking and Stand-up Comedy.

As the only speaking service of its kind, Goodness & Giggles uses humour to drive change, success, and positivity. Whether it is for organizations or schools, our goal is to change perspectives and lives, and help people realize their full giggle at a time.

Founder, Aastha (sounds like pasta) Lal is a comedian and speaker who engages her audience with laughter, wit and what she's coined, “inspirational comedy”. Her unique approach to motivation both enthuses and empowers all to take on challenges and overcome obstacles to become the best version of themselves.

What to expect when you're expecting... Goodness & Giggles!


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